Dusk till Dawn–and after.

Well here I am–nearly two months after my last post. It’s unbelievable how quick time flies when you’re busy. Fortunately–some of the last 6 weeks have been spent behind the lens. I’ve had opportunity to travel to Southern Utah as well as go back east. Sweet! I’ve been wanting to get some skyline shots of NYC for some time now. I had a perfect evening (albeit ridiculously humid), and made several quality images–the best being right at dusk–or twilight.

For all the aspiring photogs out there that may or may not read this, dusk is an awesome time to shoot. This is the time where the sky registers a deep blue (almost purple at times) and the city lights glow a warm yellow. There’s still enough light out to keep detail in the shadows, and the sky is not completely black. For those of you that put the camera away when the sun goes down–don’t!! Many photographers refer to this time as the “magic hour”–and it can last anywhere from 20 minutes, to over an hour.

As you browse my images on, you’ll no doubt notice the importance that light plays in each individual photo. It’s interesting that one of the greatest times to shoot is when the light is waning. I made several images both before and after this favorite, and neither was as good as the image made at dusk. The sunset was lackluster at best, and soon after dusk, the sky grew dark, leaving me with a lifeless black canvas.

You’ll also find that, in many instances–right before the sun comes up is an equally beneficial time to make awesome photographs. This shot near Lake Powell, UT was made about 20 minutes before sunrise.

Although there was no direct light on the foreground, I was able to register both sky and foreground as seen with a graduated ND filter. This is a scenic photographer’s best friend! Many photogs now choose to simply process the image in Photoshop for the sky and the foreground–call me a traditional, but I prefer to capture as true an image as possible–on site.

Here’s several other images from the past couple weeks. Enjoy!