Shooting up a Storm

Wow! These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of early mornings and late evenings. I’ve managed to take some time off from remodeling my house to get out and get some quality time behind the lens.

The wildflowers up in Albion Basin are pretty much at their peak right now (if not slightly beyond). Regardless of how many times I go up there, it’s still a wonderfully serene experience–not to mention ridiculously beautiful. I always manage to see some great wildlife–especially moose. I was fortunate to stumble upon a group of four bull moose one evening. Sweet! Needless to say, it was a chore fitting all of them into one frame–I think the best I got was three. It’s important not to forget compositional elements when shooting wildlife. Occasionally, I’ll just shoot a straight-up head shot, or “documentary” wildlife shot–if it’s a spectacular animal. But you can make your wildlife images so much better if you simply take care to include other compositional elements. Pick a part of the animal to emphasize, include blurred foreground elements, or try to get down low or up high for a different perspective.

While not as prolific as last year, the wildflowers in Albion Basion are still a “smorgasbord” of color, shape and texture. I’ve found the best time to shoot the wildflowers is dawn or dusk–preferrably just before the sun rises or just after it sets. Light overcast days also provide spectacular soft, diffused, even lighting for the flowers as well. I took a bit of a different approach to Albion Basion this year, and tried to wander off the beaten path. While I did make a number of “iconic” Devil’s Castle wildlfower images, I had a blast finding new and undiscovered spots.

I just recently did a mountain biking shoot for Solitude Mtn. Resort. That place is awesome–and definitely lives up to its name. On the trail at 7:30 am, it was great to be back on my bike–not so great to be hauling my 25 lb. camera pack–but nice to breathe fresh air just the same. I was experimenting with some cool blur shots, and different angles as well. Solitude’s singletrack bodes well to finding new angles and opportunities for unique action shots.

Lastly–I’ve been putting a newly purchased macro lens (Sigma 150mm 2.8) to the test and it is awesome! I was tentative in purchasing anything other than Canon “L” series glass, but I am super impressed with this lens. I’ve only had one opportunity to test it out so far, but its image quality absolutely blew me away. Color, contrast and clarity are off the charts–rivaling my Canon L series lenses for sure.

Thanks for reading!

Lupine with Sunburst.jpg Meadow near Cecret Lake with Wildflowers Bull Moose in Albion Basin Bull Moose Bedded Down in Albion Basion Bull Moose in Albion Basin You Wanna Piece of Me? Yo Mama0001.JPG Scott w Jay Blur 2.jpg Scott and Jay MTB Singletrack from Tower.jpg Scott Head On Zoic.jpg Rose.jpgYellow Gold.jpg