How time flies when you’re busy! Here I am wondering not only where December has gone, but where all of 2006 has gone! What a great year it’s been.

Winter is officially here in Salt Lake. The air is crisp, the days are shorter, and—most importantly—the ski season is in full swing. I’ve yet to get into full photographer mode for skiing quite yet, as I still need to get my early season powder fix (quite possibly my biggest weakness), which brings me to my point: if you want to be a photographer, you must be committed to being a photographer. Everything else is secondary. Warmth is secondary. Comfort is secondary. Sleep is secondary. Time is secondary (if that makes sense). At times, fun might be secondary—although I think any shooting experience can be fun.

I say this because there are too many photographers who are on the cuff. Many people go skiing and take some pictures while they’re up there, but how many go skiing TO TAKE PICTURES. There is a very limited number who do. That’s why professional photographers are exactly that—professional. Does a businessman come into the office to watch a couple movies and maybe get some work in? If you want to get serious about photography, commit your time and efforts to it when you go out. This doesn’t mean you have to be some straight-faced, no-nonsense type of person—but it does mean you have to have a serious idea of the photographic goals you’d like to accomplish for that particular day.

Luckily, photography is a profession that allows us to have fun and be “professional” at the same time. It’s most important to keep a solid balance between the two, and make sure to get work done when work needs to be done. FYI—this was more a confession/diary monologue of sorts than anything else. I feel as though I need to recommit myself to that which I love most (well almost most—see pics for explanation!). Happy Holidays!

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