So You Think You’re Ready for a Photography Show…

Framed Images? Check

Easels? Check

Location? Check

Wine? Check

Buyers? Ch…wait.

Exxxxxxxactly. I recently participated in a photography exhibit at a very nice place up Emigration Canyon. Invites were sent, website was posted, lots of nice imagery was hung/placed. Only problem was that there was very little traffic that came through. And of that traffic that came through, a minute percentage was that of the photography-purchasing sort.

So, for those that are considering an exhibit of your work, I offer two simple suggestions.

1). Make sure you have (at very least) 10 pieces that you consider to be the best of the best of the best of your work. After you’ve made your final picks, ask yourself if the work is sellable. It may be a very good photo from the point of a photog, but is it attractive to the every day art buyer? What is the subject matter? So what if it’s your favorite–could it be somebody else’s favorite? Somebody with no emotional connection to the time or place where that image was made? Will that image speak to them in a manner that makes them pull out the checkbook right there and SHOW YOU THE MONEY!! Yeah. Think about it.

2) Who will be attending your show? Friends? Family? The President of the United States? While it’s great to have people pat you on the back about your photographic expertise, pats on the back rarely put food on the table. And ultimately, the reason for which photographers put on exhibits is to sell their work. Yes, you also hope to gain some exposure and credibility with all those that attend as well, but the bottom line is that you need to invite potential buyers. While I’m no expert on this matter, I know what I would hope for. I would hope for every interior designer in the Salt Lake Valley to attend. I would hope for friends of my parents to attend. I would hope for friends of their friends to attend. I would hope for art and photo enthusiasts to attend. I would hope for every past purchaser of my work to attend. I would hope for local magazine publishers to attend. I would hope for local entrepreneurs to attend. I would hope for restaurant owners to attend. In short, I would hope for everyone capable of having interest in and purchasing my work attend my show. Recruiting these potential buyers is an entire different blog in and of itself, but the discussions above are something to consider if you’re hoping to put on your own exhibit in the future.

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