Buy a Fine Art Ski Poster, and Have a Merry Christmas

So if you haven’t yet seen the fine art ski poster I recently printed, then it’s about time you did. If you’re interested in purchasing (and receiving) before Christmas, there’s still time. Course–they’ll be around after Christmas as well, so no big hurry…

This was a pet project of mine, and I must say it went surprisingly well. Everything from the poster design, to the printing, to the collaboration with the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, to the selling has gone quite smoothly (knock on wood). This poster was meant to be a classic–I hope I see one hanging on the wall of some ski lodge 40 years down the road. Little Cottonwood Canyon is such a beautiful venue–tough to capture it in one image, let alone a lifetime’s worth. However, I think this poster does it (and Utah skiing in general) some justice. If you’ve ever skied in Utah, or simply have dreams of skiing the bottomless powder so prevalent here, you’ll understand the passion behind the poster. They cost $25.00, and I’m donating a dollar from each sale to the CCF. Merry Christmas!