Checking in from the Great White North

Hello from Whistler! Just about to head out of town but thought I’d throw in a quick blog while I’m up here. Leaving Utah on Wednesday was a lot like leaving three feet of fresh snow to everyone else. Wait a sec–it wasn’t like that, it was that. So to see snowy skies in Whistler was a welcome sight.

While it’s not Utah blower, Whistler has definitely produced some great snow over the past couple of days. What is hasn’t produced is anything even remotely close to good light. Regardless, the shooting show must go on. It’s always challenging to turn out quality ski images without light, but this trip has been a great learning experience, and I feel like I’ve even churned out some dynamic images along the way.

I met up with some buddies up here and they led me to some killer gladed tree shots and pillow lines. The trees up here are unlike anything we have in Utah. Huge, tall pines with old man’s beard hanging from the branches. Almost gives the feeling of skiing straight through a scene from Lord of the Rings or something. My main shooting goal for this trip was to give a sense of place to these images. This was no Utah resort, and I wanted to show it. By incorporating more than just the skiing action and including more of the skiing environment up here, I feel like I’m able to help the viewer identify and relate to not just what is taking place, but where it’s taking place. Hope you enjoy the images.

Sam skiing the trees at Blackcomb Dave airing it out at Whistler Dave dropping into a burly pillow line, Blackcomb Athan getting creative over an icefall
Athan sending it at Blackcomb

AdamBarkerPhotography in Palmer’s Gallery (Trolley Square)

Ever since I picked up a camera years ago, I have hoped to one day display large, proud, crisp and colorful prints in my own fine art photography gallery. As you can see from the title of this post, I’m not quite there yet. At least not in that sense of “there”. I do, however, feel I’ve made it “there” to a certain extent through a recent partnership with Palmer’s Gallery in Trolley Square. (It’s a horrible website, but a real nice gallery).
It’s wonderful to be represented in a gallery with several other very qualified photographers, and the realization (in part) of yet another photographic dream of mine. We were visiting with friends the other evening and one of them asked me how it feels to see my work hanging in a gallery. In short, it’s extremely satisfying. I try to stay pretty low key about it, for fear of coming across as arrogant or full of myself. But the truth is, I am ecstatic. It’s always fun to see my images on the computer screen, and it’s enjoyable to work on them, process them, etc. However, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing them printed large, and hanging (properly lit!) in a beautiful gallery. It’s not a huge money-maker for me at the moment, but I imagine it’s comparable to a song-writer hearing his/her song played on the radio–brings a grin for sure. Currently, there are five images on display and for sale. I hope to be placing more there in the future. If you’re downtown and you get a moment, go check it out!

IMG_0164.JPG IMG_0160.jpg IMG_0161.JPG