Monkey See, Monkey Do

Why not make like a monkey and shoot? In following my own e-letter advice to rediscover your home playground, I headed up Grizzly Gulch at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon the other day to shoot some sunset skiing shots. There were fleeting moments of spectacular light, but it seemed by that point we had already used up what little good snow there was. It was a bit of a frustrating night, but fortunately, simply for the sake of trying to get a new angle on an area that has been shot hundreds of times over, I think I came away with at least one keeper. This is a testament to not standing up and shooting. Look around, get down on the ground, get up high, peek in between a foreground object–all of these techniques will allow you to portray the same old scene in a new and different light.

Dan on Patsy from Tree w Legs.jpg Daryn Edmunds Powder Turn in Grizzly Gulch looking down Little Cottonwood Canyon

Ski Salt Lake Shootout!

I recently organized an event called the Ski Salt Lake Shootout as part of my full-time job with Ski Salt Lake. In a nutshell–we flew 5 pro photogs out to Salt Lake for a 5-day photo competition in the Cottonwood Canyons. We also used used two local up-and-comers to participate from the Wasatch Front as well. It was an awesome week ,with a mixed bag of shooting conditions. Some days were epic–some were difficult. All in all, it was an awesome event that yielded some amazing images. In the end, the photographers and athletes worked like crazy to produce unique and inspiring imagery. I was pretty slammed the whole week, but did manage to tag along with some of the photogs, document the action and even snap a couple of my own. For more on the Shootout, check out

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa in Grizzly Gulch Ben Wheeler Deep in some Grizzly Gulch Powder Legendary Hank de Vre shooting Rob Greener at Solitude Bryce Phillips hikes for one more turn at Solitude Me--wondering if this is such a good idea...