Why is it that you hear countless people they’re going to the countryside for the weekend, but you’ve never once heard that someone’s going to the cityside??? I guess the first issue would be that “cityside” isn’t even a word, but does that even really matter anymore? “Countryside” implies something beautiful and serene. “City” implies something industrial and noisy. So how bout it? I hereby declare “cityside” my new word, at least just for this blog post.
I just finished up a serious bit of travel to many “citysides” throughout the US and Canada. While I was missing the fall foliage back in UT, I must say, there is something strangely beautiful about a city skyline. Under the right light, skyscrapers take on a stately and sophisticated feel. A silhouetted skyline has an unimitable shape and many are instantly recognizeable. So, if you live in a city and long for something to shoot–look around you. See through the traffic, noise, pollution and hubbub of everyday life and get to an overlook on a clear day. You might be amazed at how beautiful the place in which you live really is.

I was fortunate to score exceptionally good weather in San Francisco, and the view from Twin Peak Overlook was astounding. Conversely, I battled with torrential rain in Seattle. Regardless of the weather, I was shooting and capturing and appreciating surroundings that were familiar yet foreign. Vancouver is an amazing city, with an awesome artsy and outdoorsy component to it. If you’re looking to capture your city at it’s best, shoot at dawn or dusk, when the sky is indigo, the city lights are popping, and there’s still enough ambient light to give detail to the overall image. Hope you enjoy some of these city images.

San Francisco Skyline at Dusk from Twin Peaks Overlook Moonrise over San Francisco from Twin Peaks Overlook The grand Maltese Falcon silhouetted against San Francisco The Space Needle and Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park Evening's last light illuminates storm clouds above Seattle Appropriately equipped at Pike Place Market, Seattle Vancouver and Lion's Gate Bridge from Cyprus Overlook False Creek Bay at Sunset, Vancouver, BC A lone paddler give scale to highrise condos along False Creek Bay. Vancouver, BC


I had to leave the color-laden mountains of northern Utah this past week to head out for some business in NYC. I love New York as much as the next guy, but I’ve gotta be honest in saying I would’ve much preferred to stick around and continue shooting fall foliage.

Regardless, I found myself amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City, camera in hand. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired so I decided to head out to Brooklyn and wander around the area till sunset and wait for some inspiration in the form of soft, late light. The light came, and as I’ve done so many times before, scrambled around during the last 10 minutes of daylight to capture it as best as possible.

I guess what really strikes me most about this set of images are the dynamic compositions. The bridges, the shoreline, the people…it all can come together so well with a little bit of foresight. I hope you enjoy this series in color monochrome.

Manhattan-Bridge-WA.jpg Manhattan-Bridge-w-RR-Tie-FG-CM.jpg Brooklyn-Trio-w-Bridge.jpg Brooklyn-Bridge-NYC-Skyline-TE-Clouds.jpg