Southeast Asia Slideshow

Southeast Asia was an unbelievable experience on so many fronts. It really is difficult to encompass even a fraction of it in a slideshow. Many thanks to M&M Photo tours for giving me this fantastic opportunity to lead this trip as a guest pro! In a nutshell:

  • Over 7,000 images shot
  • 1,000 keepers
  • 104 selects presented in this slideshow.

Shoot like it’s your last day on earth. EDIT RELENTLESSLY. And enjoy the show!

5 thoughts on “Southeast Asia Slideshow

  1. Adam Barker has masterfully captured the light and colors in his photos. I’d like very much his webinars on Manfrotto School of Xcellence too.

  2. The opening photo in OP mag, July 2011, was a shock for me. I have the same picture inside the Cao Dai Temple in Long Wa South Vietnam. I took mine in the lower level. The year was 1966 or 1967. I’m really glad to see the inside of the temple has not changed. Is the Eye still there? How about the grounds around the building? When I was there the Temple was in the center of 10-15 acres land with nothing close to it. Any info that you have on this beautiful building I would gladly pay for. Let me know. Thank You Carl

    • Hello Carl–
      Thanks for the comment! The temple is still every bit as beautiful as I’m sure you remember it. The grounds around the temple are now occupied by housing and some other buildings. And yes, the eye is still there. You should join us on our SE Asia photo tour once again this year. It would serve as a fantastic walk down memory lane!

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