Poster Sale for Shane McConkey Fundraiser

Shane McConkey has always been one of my skiing heroes. He seemed larger than life, yet seemed approachable, personable and modest in a “guy next door” sort of way. Sadly, I never had opportunity to meet or ski with Shane in life. Perhaps this can be my way/our way of honoring him in death.

I have a wife and son, with another arriving in 4 weeks. My heart aches for the McConkey family. While a check in the mail certainly won’t make everything better, a gesture of kindness and caring certainly can change the way one sees life in such challenging tragic times.

Many of you have already purchased my fine art ski poster, but I imagine there are many out there who haven’t. I would like to sell as many posters as possible and donate the full proceeds to the McConkey family. Whether they are in need of financial help or not doesn’t matter to me. It is a gesture of kindness that will hopefully help to ease the pain. While the funds can be used however the family sees fit, I would love for it to be put in a college fund for Shane’s daughter, Ayla. I realize this is not a poster or anything tangible of Shane, but it is already produced, and we can be quicker to provide a moral and financial buoy to the McConkey family.

You can purchase the poster here. Please leave a note in the paypal transaction stating it is for the McConkey fundraiser. I hope to be able to update this post with a significant amount of funds raised some time soon. Thanks for your help in supporting the family of one of our ski heroes.

Update: As of 9:00 am, Thursday Apr. 2, 104 posters have been ordered, totaling $2,600.00 raised for the McConkey family. I am absolutely blown away by the level of support and kindness shown. Keep giving!

Note: The last day for this fundraiser will be Friday, April 3. You can certainly purchase posters after that, but the funds will go to me. You can still consider it a fundraiser if you want…


15 thoughts on “Poster Sale for Shane McConkey Fundraiser

  1. Adam –

    Your email was forwarded to us by our son, Max.

    Just purchased a poster and we will give it a place of honor in our restaurant next to the poster Shane signed for us years ago.

    Our thoughts are with the McConkey family. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Great idea on the poster. I ordered one over a week ago and it has not come yet. I did get a note form pay pal and my credit card has been billed. Are they out of stock???

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