Santa Monica (and time to reflect)…

Santa Monica Pier and Ferris Wheel with Seagulls.

Santa Monica Pier and Ferris Wheel with Seagulls.

It’s a quiet Sunday here in the 801, which gives me a moment for pause and reflection upon some of the past 45 days or so of shooting. It’s been a busy and productive couple of months–weeks that I will be able to look back on in 30 years with fondness…

This is a subtle, sleeper image that just happens to be one of my favorites from the past couple of weeks of work. It was the very first evening of a week-long shoot for Manfrotto, and I was simply hoping for a moment of serendipity.

At the time, I didn’t know I had captured it at all, let alone been fortunate to have clicked the shutter at the moment when a couple of seagulls were placed just perfectly in my frame…one near, one far…just out of alignment, but close enough to feel connected. Sure, I could recreate a moment like this in post, but to know that it occurred in reality is so much more gratifying…

This image evokes emotion, and for me, that is what makes it a keeper. It’s a moment that we have all lived, or would all like to experience at some point in our lives. It’s that care-free feeling that accompanies a salty breeze at the ocean’s doorstep. It’s the nostalgia that takes us back to a simpler time, when ferris wheels were far more important than interest rates and elections.

This image is about a state of being, as much as it is about the good state of California. It is about leaving the present for a moment, and traveling backwards or forwards…into lightness and frivolity.

Strive to capture images that evoke emotion. They are the reason so many of us turn to imagery for release.

6 thoughts on “Santa Monica (and time to reflect)…

  1. Aloha Adam,

    Beautiful photo. I can feel the sand between my toes.

    Thanks always for your inspirational blog posts. I always leave your writings with an impactful emotion, whether to my personal state or indirectly in how I compose my next images.

    I’m from SoCal, just right down the street from where you took this photo. It is nice to hear you have a fond memory of Santa Monica and that spot in particular. The vibe you felt is exactly why I call it home.

    I appreciate the time and effort you put in to sharing your experience and imagery and just wanted to say, “Mahalo”.

  2. Adam – I live in Santa Monica and am looking for a photo of Santa Monica as a going away present for a good firiend. I saw the black and white of the pier from March 2013. Do you have prints for sale and if so, can you give me an idea of size and price ? Thanks
    PS – My husband knows you from TGR and is a follower!!

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