Still Loving Still (photography)

Vietnamese Junks settle in for an evening's repose in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

What can I say? Even in the current craziness of the generation Y multimedia gobble-fest, I am still in love with a medium that has changed relatively little since its inception over a century ago. Sure, the way in which we create the photograph has changed quite drastically for most, but the end result remains rather unchanged. Simply put, still imagery can convey a message or tell a story quicker than any other medium out there. It’s ability to produce instantaneous thought provocation is undeniable. Joy. Sadness. Anxiety. Awe. Sympathy. Empathy. Desire. Disdain. You can’t help but FEEL SOMETHING in an immediate fashion when you look at meaningful imagery. It can send you reeling into the future, or transport you back in time. And that’s why I for one, (and many others out there I imagine) will ever fall out of love with this timeless medium.