Visual Storytelling: Part II

So there we were…sitting on a ski boat in the middle of Lake Powell under an inviting morning sky, when this random guy asks my sister to marry him. Good thing I just happened to have my camera…

I don’t often shoot this type of imagery, but it was only fitting that I document such an unforgettable moment so close to many people’s hearts. Looking at these images, I am reminded of the great impact photography has on our lives. It matters not whether you shoot film or digital, whether you have a $50 point-and-shoot or a multi-thousand dollar SLR, whether you are a trained professional or a casual hobbyist. When you capture moments like these for all to see and remember, you have momentarily left any status, design or agenda on the table and simply struck gold. To someone, these images are worth more than money can buy.

You can only verbalize so much. Imagery is the great enabler. Congrats Caitlin and Nate.