Remember this?

That’s right–my instructional DVD on Capturing the Complete Outdoor Image is, you guessed, still available! Who would’ve thunk it? It’s also available as a digital download. I thought I’d post this recent email I just received from a satisfied viewer. Check it out for yourself–it’s an inexpensive workshop that you can take over and over again!


This is something I don’t generally do, but I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to create the DVD workshop you did. It is very inspirational for me and I there is some much that I learn from it each time I watch it. It is taking practice but I am starting to be able to use the gradient filters from Singh-Ray with some good results. Your photography has something very unique and special. I am also learning from watching about improving my composition and layout of my photographs. It was especially helpful in the video when you showed the overall landscape where you were shooting and then what you chose to shoot in the view finder.”

From Chris A.